The Korea-based JK Plastic Surgery Center

JK is widely regarded as South Korea’s top facility for plastic surgery. It’s been around for twenty years. JK is an expert in body sculpting, anti-aging, and surgical correction of the breasts and face. In order to alter their appearance or address the effects of severe injuries, roughly 5,000 people come here annually. JK professionals have completed about 85 thousand surgeries over the course of their employment.Professionals from JK jk plastic surgery korea cell-based operations for rejuvenation. The depth of wrinkles is reduced, the age-related sagging of the lower eyelids is eliminated, and the rate of skin aging is slowed down with this procedure. The treatment typically takes 1.5 hours, and hospitalization is not necessary.JK specialists take stem cells from patient belly or thigh fat and employ them in their treatments. The captured cells then go through a specific, four-stage culture. Additionally, they are injected into the body and face. The Korean government has authorized stem cell therapy at only one institution in South Korea, JK.JK offers areola or nipple repair, lifting, breast augmentation, and reduction procedures. The center’s specialists can increase or decrease breast size by inserting implants or lipofilling. It’s a procedure where extra fat is removed from the thighs or the abdomen and injected into the breasts.

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