Moonlight Roses

Moonlight Roses etiquette were a flower it would be a white rose – although decorum and dignity have never looked as ravishing as they do in this sumptuous posy overflowing with snowy petals. Whether you see white roses as a symbol of virtue or of passion, they’re a gift that says your message is spoken from the soul. These blooms effortlessly glide into their homes through the letterbox. Take a moonlight stroll down twilit lanes while silvery starlight dances on lavender Freesia and the petals of white roses. These blooms will arrive effortlessly at the home through their letterbox. Take a moonlight stroll down twilit lanes while the starlight dances on velvet Stocks, Carnations, Asters and the petals of Lilac roses. Lift the veil of the night and discover moonlight roses peaking from the boundless sea of Iris. Timeless beauty that never fails to capture our imagination. Please note Iris arrives closed in buds. Also a heart-shaped velvet blooms of Anthurium settled in a lush dark forest of green leaves will continue bringing joy to your home for months – they are one of the longest-lasting flowering plants! The plant symbolises hospitality which makes it the perfect plant to give as a gift! Total height: 40cm. Join the dance of majestic wild swans in their emerald lake.

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