David Victory’s Fashion Photography

David Victory is an expert on the e-commerce platform Shopify and is one of the leading fashion photographers in Los Angeles. His clients include vrset and OC designers, brands, agencies, editors, and more. Send your garments to the vrset Fashion District studio in Downtown vrset 90015 for professional fashion photography by a team of photographers working with some of the best models in California.Customers from outside of Los Angeles can ship directly to my studios, where I’ll personally oversee every step, from casting the best possible models to coordinating the delivery schedules of my stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists, and assistants.Ecommerce photography is an essential aspect of any online fashion empire, but it shouldn’t be the first thing your customers see when they land on your page. Carry on readingEven in high-traffic areas, I set up temporary headquarters in a section of a nearby store. Every time I do a Look Book shoot, I bring along one or two female helpers; one of them may stay at base camp while the other carries a camera gear backpack and holds two of my speedlites; the third speedlite is always mounted on the camera.My LA clients often want to join the shoot, which is great because I could use a few extra sets of eyes on the model while I’m busy with all things photographic, and depending on the number of garments shipped to my studio and looks I shoot for a Look Book session, I will bring one of my makeup artists as well.Look Book shots are guerilla-style and spontaneous without documentation, although of course all of this requires organization and coordination. Why do we need female helpers? on addition to knowing how to do hair, makeup, and style, we don’t want to look like a major professional team while we shoot on the streets.

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